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Store details– Bonita Brow Bar-Like many small businesses, ours was born from a simple desire to share what we knew, as a superior way to present attractive-looking eyebrows – threading. Growing up, it was commonplace to see our mother, aunts, and relatives practice their art with flair, finesse, and personal touch.
When the time was right in 2011, it felt natural to start a business we felt so passionate about and practiced daily for years. The feedback we received was tremendous and encouraging. Since then we have expanded to other states without compromising our commitment to customer service. It is our hope that folks would inquire and love our services.
You will often see us at our locations around the USA and we hope to run into our lovely customers!

It has a Yelp rating – 3.0 on 25 reviews

It has a Google Rating – 3.8 on 112 reviews

Location– 4201 N Shiloh Dr, Fayetteville, AR 72703

Phone number– (479) 443-23348


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Store hours :

Mon • 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Tue • 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Wed • 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Thu • 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Fri • 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Sat • 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Sun • 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Selected Google reviews : 

Megan Morris
Positive: Cleanliness, Quality, Value
Bonita is the only place I will go to get my eyebrows done!!! My eyebrows end up exactly how I ask for them to look + it’s really affordable!
Service: Eyebrow threading

Allie Tucker
Critical: Professionalism, Quality
Ruined my eyebrows.

I have a bald spot on one of my eyebrows, and the technician talked to me like I was a 12-year-old who shaved my eyebrows off, then she threaded them way too thin.

Courtney Dailey
Critical: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Quality
Long wait, upon waiting one employee used the same pair of gloves on two clients and then proceeded to use the cash register with the same gloves. Then she used hand sanitizer with her gloves on. Defeats the whole purpose of wearing gloves. I asked for her to change her gloves when it was my turn, she agreed. I was then asked if I had been vaccinated and I declined to answer. The employee next to me snickered and under her breath mumbled something in regards to my answer. You can’t ask someone if they have been vaccinated, you can provide a medical waiver for clients to sign. The place is dirty and being someone in the medical profession I would not return. As far as brows go, they are what they are.
Service: Body Waxing

Rachel Harper
Critical: Quality, Value
I went with a friend to get our brows threaded and eyelash extensions. my eyebrows were done perfectly nothing wrong with them. but when it comes to the eyelash extensions they used too much glue that it hurt my eyes when I closed them, when I removed them it took off half of my natural lashes and it took hours to remove. I do not recommend going there for eyelash extensions.

Lauren Jones
Critical: Professionalism
I’ve been here a million times and have enjoyed service, but employees just claimed it was closed. It’s 7:02 pm. Please update your Google hours (currently show your open hours today until 9 pm) to not further inconvenience future customers. I drive 20 minutes to come here.

Claudia Pennington
Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Quality, Value
All around excellent service. My eyebrows look better than ever. I highly recommend this shop.

Isabella Carvajal
I had an awful experience at the brow bar. The person who did my brows was white with light hair. I specifically had told her to JUST clean them up and leave them thick. She made them super thin, uneven, and very arched. I left the store crying my eyes out. My eyebrows looked completely different. I will never get my eyebrows done from this specific lady ever again. While she was threading my eyebrows I could feel her taking too much out. And so I told her to not leave them so thin. She completely ignored me.

The young lady who did my brow threading and underarm wax didn’t even look old enough to work so I thought she wouldn’t know what she was doing but she was phenomenal! Made these 2 haired brows look like something! And she was very professional! I didn’t get her name but red hair.

Selected Yelp reviews: 

Geraldine B.4/18/2013 First to Review
In Texas, I knew a lady who kept my eyebrows in good shape. Then I moved to NWA and I was many miles away from her, I became desperate (and hairy, Ewww!) Everything changed when I dared myself to try this place (if you ever over-plucked your eyebrows you know how terrible it could be).
To my surprise, they are very good, and professionals. It doesn’t matter who does it, they are all equally good.
Bonus: they have eyelash extensions, body waxing, and I believe massages and facials too. I have not tried these services yet, but I’ll update my review if I do.

Hana T.4/3/2021I don’t even know where to begin. I was here on Saturday afternoon for brow threading and tinting. I wish I could upload a picture because only that would do justice as to how badly this woman messed up my brows and dyed my skin all the way down to my eyelid. when I expressed how unsatisfied I was she said that I shouldn’t have tinted. charged me full price. Didn’t even take my number down for the points. I go here every two weeks for brows and have never had any problems. but this is so bad that I don’t even want to go out in public.

Breanna K. 6/8/2021
I went to this brow bar for the first time today and to say that I am displeased would be an understatement. I had never been there before and she said nothing to me before starting to thread my brows (what shape, how thick/thin, etc.) After she finished I asked her to fix one part of my brow and she said she would fix it after starting on a new customer. My right eyebrow is significantly thinner than the left, and the left doesn’t even look like it was threaded. I do not recommend this place.

Guadalupe C. 10/31/2020
I’ve been here a few times already and it was okay but today this incredibly rude lady I’ve never seen before asked me and my sister and her 5-year-old daughter to leave. I and my sister were going to get our eyebrows done but she demanded my niece to leave. It is outrageous, how am I going to leave a 5-year-old little girl alone. I’m incredibly disappointed and it boils my blood! She claimed she can’t afford to get COVID then b*tch quit.

Maria M. 8/29/2018
Updated review
Sadly, I have to update my review. My last two visits to Bonita have been sorely disappointing. There was a sign outside the door saying now hiring. I think the girls at the brow bar often quit due to not being paid well and being overworked. The last two times I visited the venue my eyebrows were disappointing and my arch was cleaned right off of my brow. Now I have to wait a painfully long amount of time for it to grow back. The girls are inadequately trained and paid. They were understaffed. There were about twenty ladies in line with two girls working at the end of the shift. The end of the workday is when women need to get their brows fixed. Calling all hands on deck!!! One customer had to leave due to time constraints. My friend and I waited over an hour for our turn and the girl’s arms were too tired to do an adequate job. The business model here needs some work.