Eyebrow Waxing vs Threading: Which Is Better?


How many times have you asked yourself this: should I go for eyebrow waxing or threading? Well, I am certain this post will help make up your mind. Please click here to find out a salon near you

Before we reach a point of decision making let’s spend a few minutes understanding what these 2 techniques are, how they work, and what they do to our skin.

Before eyebrow waxing or threading, the beautician or esthetician will sit down with their client and understand what shape they are desiring, what their eyebrow hair type is, how their skin is, do they have any allergies, etc. Please make sure to have a detailed discussion with your esthetician to ensure a successful experience with your eyebrows.

What is Eyebrow Waxing?

Eyebrow waxing is an ancient method, where a beautician uses a wooden spatula to apply hot wax near your eyebrows. Usually, it is the area surrounding your eyebrow which has unwanted hairs and which needs to be removed carefully to give your eyebrows a shape. Once the wax is carefully applied a paper strip is then placed on top of the applied wax and is smoothed and pressed onto the skin, then ripped away quickly. As a result, the hairs are ripped from the root. A lot of times after eyebrow waxing is done there are residual hairs and the esthetician can use a hair-plucker to remove those hairs and clean the near-eyebrow area. The beautician may apply an aloe vera lotion afterward to lessen pain and redness.

What is Eyebrow Threading?

Eyebrow threading is older than waxing and was originated within the Asian sub-continent. Some beauticians prefer to apply powder near the eyebrows to absorb the extra oil on your skin, this is optional and I have seen many threading places not do this as well, however, I always prefer this. You will then stretch one eyebrow at a time using both your hands and you keep your eyes closed during the process. Then the esthetician uses a good quality thread in a pattern to remove capture unwanted hairs and remove them from the follicles. They can use a scissor to then trim the length of the brow.

Now that we know the difference let’s look at the pros and cons: 

Pros of eyebrow waxing:

  • Quick: a lot of hairs can be removed in a single pull of that paper strip
  • Hairs come back thinner 

What are the cons of eyebrow waxing?

  • Wax must be applied hot on the skin, if it is not done by a seasoned expert, it can be dangerous 
  • Waxing alone cannot give you a complete eyebrow shaping experience. One always needs an eyebrow plucker, or threading afterwards to clean the area completely. Hence, that adds extra steps to the overall process 
  • If a mistake was made while waxing it is hard to fix because it cleans up an area entirely
  • If you have sensitive skin then waxing might irritate your skin

What are the pros of eyebrow threading?

  • Perfect for sensitive skin (and all other skin types). Very less touches your skin in this process hence you will be saved the worry of allergies and reactions
  • Keeps your skin taut. It is said that regular waxing can loosen your skin but that’s not the case with threading
  • Accuracy of eyebrow shape: threading is hands-down a winner when it comes to shaping an eyebrow. Since it is a very precise technique of removing unwanted hairs it can be maneuvered skillfully to give you the prefect shape you were dreaming of 

What are the cons of eyebrow threading?

  • Very hard to do it by yourself (and not recommend by me either) 
  • Hard to good threading estheticians. Threading is an art which gets better with practice
  • Some people may find it painful. I have heard this and of course it does pain (more like a mild sting) however trust me it is no where near to being ‘truly painful’

My personal take: I have gone for eyebrow threading and waxing both and hands down my preferred choice is ‘threading’. 

I hope that this article helps you see the practical aspects of both techniques and you can make a decision for yourself around what makes you feel comfortable.

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