How do I find an eyebrow threading salon near me?

finding eyebrow threading salon
finding eyebrow threading salon

Finding a good eyebrow salon can be a daunting task. I am a woman, luckily with beautiful eyebrows, and they have been messed up multiple times. So yes, I feel your pain my fellow birdies and friends. Therefore, I am going to compile a list of steps I usually take to ensure that I can get a good experience at the threading salon I am visiting next. To find out a salon near you, please click here

Checking the reviews on Google/ Yelp

  1. You can check the rating of a salon on Google/ Yelp, but hey don’t stop there! 
  2. I highly recommend you read reviews to ensure that the rating is authentic and is not outdated. Now what do I mean by that? E.g., I saw an eyebrow threading salon XYZ and its google rating was 4.7, pretty good eh?! But when I looked at the reviews the most recent months had low ratings and not so wonderful reviews but the earlier months had great reviews and ratings. My Sherlock skills made me read more comments and find that the 2 women who were most liked by customers quit working at that place and since then it was downhill ride for the salon. Hence, if you simply look at the rating without really analyzing how current/ latest it is then it might not be the perfect place you were looking for 
  3. Read reviews: the previous point highlights the importance of reading reviews. Another reason is that, most salons have multiple artists and even though the salon collectively has a great rating not all artists over there would be awesome. Hence, reading comments might help you get to know a few names who people would recommend
  4. Well, if you had the patient of doing all of this and have found a good rated salon and an artists name then give them a call and make your booking

Checking this website which does the search for you and summarize the best threading places in town after carefully reviewing google and yelp reviews 

Salon and spa reviews actually go carefully through yelp and google reviews for eyebrow threading salons across various cities and states within the US and bring to you a curated list of handpicked salons where the chances of you finding your dream experience will probably be good. So, check out by your zip code, or city, state details and see if you can find one near you 

Ask neighbors, friends, and colleagues

I have always found this very helpful. People living within a 5-10 miles radius from you can give you a succinct ‘review’ of what you may find on Google/ Yelp. In fact, I will any day trust my friend or neighbor more than the general reviews. So, the next time you stop for a chat with them don’t hesitate to ask, ‘hey, would you recommend an eyebrow threading salon you like?’

Talk to the salon artist 

If you are really worried even after all the effort you have put in to find a nice threading salon and a good artist then don’t hesitate in asking any questions about the salon you are going to. They should be able to answer any questions you have and if after that you do not feel confident in them then don’t feel guilty in saying sorry and leaving. Nothing is worth having a bad eyebrow! 

I hope that these practical steps will help you find a good eyebrow threading salon near you. 

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