The Royal treatment – Movie Review

the royal treatment movie reviews

The movie royal treatment came out on Netflix on 21st Jan 2022. Post working hours, I came back home tired and when I turned on my Netflix, I saw a recommendation for the movie called The royal treatment. When I saw the trailer I quickly got hooked because it was something related to a beauty salon. There are some spoilers here, but the movie fits perfectly into a rom-com, rom-drama genre, and hence the moment you start the movie you kind of know the entire story already. Before moving ahead, if you are looking for a beauty salon near you please click here – Salon near me

The premise of the movie The Royal Treatment

The movie begins with the main protagonist who is running a family-run beauty salon played by Laura Marano who is so cute. A typical New York city-based Italian family running a beauty salon that is happily serving its customers but also trying to make their ends meet. This we understand immediately as the director has shown that a small fire incident causes a loss of $2,000 and all of them are sad about that. This typically shows how difficult it is to run a beauty salon in a neighborhood that is not affluent. But more power to such beauty salon owners who work hard to serve the customer needs.

The royal treatment - netflix movie honest reviews
Image credits- Netflix of course Duh! They kinda look cute together. great casting

Movie plot- The Royal Treatment

A prince from a fictional country which is by the way so beautiful, the castle and the scenery everything captured so well, anyways back to the prince, he visits new york city for a reason that is not mentioned, but we need to just accept the fact that he is visiting new york city. A prince is a person who has no freedom of his own and needs to talk to his butler for every single task of his. He needs a haircut and asks his aid to call in a hair salon expert. The butler quickly google searches for the best salon in New York finds out one and immediately calls the salon. Fortunately for the prince, the call goes to a salon that google has probably rated as best based on reviews. Well, such is the power of the internet these days. This salon is not in the uptown region while it’s in a poor neighborhood. To cut the story short, he calls the salon and quickly makes an appointment. Izzy who is the main stylist goes to perform a haircut to a prince and thus the entire story starts from there. Not going deeper than this since it would be a complete spoiler.

The royal treatment movie reviews

Romcom side of the movie the royal treatment

There is not much element of romanticism in the movie. It’s a very basic fairytale kind of a movie, where a commoner gets to know more about the prince in their own country. Eventually, Izzy is so warm-hearted that she does good no matter where she goes and lives a very free life, which every American life follows. The prince is a depiction of a character or a guy who has no freedom and hence seeks someone who is free-spirited. There is a misunderstanding, confusion, chaos whatever you might want to call. This leads to Izzy leaving back and returning back to new york city only to realize that she too had started to like the prince, well that is not clear as well.  End of it all the prince realizes he loves her and goes back to Newyork to woe her, lo and behold he does and finally confronts her, confesses his feelings for her. Izzy who is not at all sure if she likes him or loves him, just falls for him why? Because he’s a prince after all. Who does not want to fall in love with a prince? Duh! The movie has some portions of the comedy but not much, there are a couple of characters who are supporting Izzy who try to make some comedy but, in reality, does not work much. The comedy portion is very less, it is more a movie made for teenage girls who live their lives thinking that it would be nice if a prince comes on a horse in their lives. Netflix has nailed it there.

The castle the prince lives in- Royal treatment movie reviews

Target Audience- of the movie The Royal treatment

Netflix really does their study very well and when they make a movie, they ensure many of those tick marks are met. For instance, the prince is usually shown as a white dude, here in the movie they have shown a brown guy in order to get viewership from brown folks, Mexicans, Indians, the middle east, etc. The movie typically has every other race shown as well, there are Asians and African Americans who are shown in an affluent side of the fictitious country, where the king is brown, the queen is white, surrounded by staff who are white. The whites are shown inferior here just to clear off the racism game. Well, if it works it does. If that is what the audience wants to see, Netflix gives them that. The movie definitely has to be LGBTQI friendly. Towards the end, they show so normally that the butler was gay and I like Netflix for normalizing such nuances. There is no such drama, and the prince reacts to it as though it’s a normal day and hopefully the world is going in that direction too. There is no best-suited audience as such, literally, anyone in the age group of 8-80 can watch this. But, best recommended for teens, romantic lovers, romcom folks, and first or second date kind of movie.

The acting

The acting is average most of the characters especially the main folks like Izzy played by Laura Marano, the prince played by Mena Massoud, Camron Rhodes who plays the butler have done a good job at it. They have best done what they could and it does reflect as well

Should I watch the movie The royal treatment?

When I checked out the trailer, I immediately looked up for its IMDB rating, and usually, I don’t watch anything below 7, but this was 5 point something which was definitely below my standards, but hey it was a Friday evening and I wanted to watch something where I didn’t have to think much. I wanted to watch something which is not real, just wanted to live in that dream world of fiction for while. So, if you are a person who is just that and want to watch something where you don’t think much and just enjoy the movie, then yes go ahead and do watch the movie, the Royal treatment. . There is no moment in the movie where you get bored or feel like I have to pause or skip or just stop and watch something else. It’s a perfect Netflix and chill kind of movie. So, snuggle and cuddle with your partner on a winter evening, open up a bottle of wine and some cheese on the side and you guys will have a perfect evening movie. The movie will definitely leave you in a romantic kinda phase where you would end up smiling and kissing your partner.

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