Pure Bliss Hair Studio & Day Spa

Pure Bliss Hair Studio & Day Spa Peoria Illinois
Pure Bliss Hair Studio & Day Spa Peoria Illinois

About store– Come as you are, leave even better. At Pure Bliss, our team of professional stylists combines expertise and creativity with a great atmosphere to give you the ultimate salon experience.
Established in 2011. Our salon opened its doors on Feb. 1st, 2011. Starting with only 3 employees, our salon has since grown to include an incredibly talented team of 21 including the owner Susan Beaupre. Susan and the team recently moved the entire salon within the same shopping center. We are thoroughly enjoying all the extra space and we have been hearing the guests are as well. We continue to offer the best in hair and skincare products within the exclusive AVEDA line. We are committed to continuing education to stay on top of what is trending. Our mission is to be sure all of our guests feel welcomed and appreciated each and every time they walk through our doors. Come as you are, leave even better!

Google Rating – 4.5 on 92 reviews

Yelp rating – 4.5 on 27 reviews

Our rating – 4.50

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Address– 8305 N Allen Rd #3, Peoria, IL 61615, United States

Phone– +1 309-679-2021


Facebook pagehttps://www.facebook.com/pureblisspeoria/

Store hours :

12:00 PM – 8:00 PM
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Selected Google reviews : 

I got my hair colored for the first time and Alexis did an amazing job. I had a color consultation prior my hair appointment and they recommended Alexis. I just showed her a picture of how I want my hair color to look like and I was satisfied with the results. The entire process took around 2hrs. They use organic hair colors and if you don’t want bleach on your hair, they can accommodate that as well. Staff was friendly and it was easy to book an appointment. I paid $105 for my highlights and it’s totally worth it. Alexis is the one I would highly recommend for your hair. Would recommend. Would visit again.

Sarah Salim
I love them! I use Alexis for my daily hair cuts and style she is amazing. I also had her do my hair for my wedding and for my bridal party. She is so talented! I used Riley for my wedding make up and same for my bridal party and she did a flawless job. I love being part of the Pure Bliss family. Lynette was an awesome coordinator as well and kept everything very organized and continuously communicated with me when I needed it. Thank you to all of you!

Siddhartha Kadiyala
My go to place for haircut in town. They are very professional and always on time. My stylist is Coby Floyd. hair cut / styling service I received is perfect with right price range. Coby takes his time to make the service best. Best value I would say. They followed all safety health protocols during pandemic. I would definitely recommend this place. I moved to a different state and I would definitely miss this place.

Nupur tillu
This review is for extremely unprofessional behavior of the front desk staff and the hair stylist.
I had booked a haircut appointment for my 3 yr old
Was delayed by 10min and I called them regarding that while I was at their doorstep .Things can be a little unpredictable time wise with a toddler!
The front desk person initially put me on hold and then when he got back said he said could not have me since I was late and the hair stylist Ashley was also inconsiderate
I understand that they have clients waiting ,but how long are they going to spend on a toddlers haircut !
This is extremely rude especially since I was standing at their door with a 3 yr old
As far as I know,any place which includes hospitals,restaurants ,salons have the courtesy to call if people do not show up within 15min of their appointment and will inform you if they need to reschedule or cancel
I have been to this salon for other services .I do not have any complaints regarding their services for haircut or massage,but extremely disappointed with this behavior.
I am not going to be visiting this place again

Kelly McLaughlin
Updating my prior review now that it’s been a month since my initial visit. Honestly, my hair is in pretty bad shape after going here, but they have excellent customer service! I was able to speak to the owner after an initial color mess-up and she fit me in a few days later to fix it with another gal, who was super nice and helped as much as she could. Unfortunately, my hair is horribly dry now and is just an uglier version of the color I had before. I feel like I paid to destroy my hair. I won’t be back, but I truly appreciate their kindness and willingness to work with me and help out where they could. I highly recommend doing a color consult prior to making any kind of change. Also, thank you to Rachel Sever, who did a great job helping during my follow-up fix-it appointment. Super kind and patient and informative. Def recommend her if you’re going to venture in for color.

Selected Yelp reviews: 

Katie S.
I wanted to leave a review for my hair stylist Stephanie. I moved here recently and was scared to jump back into the professional hair routine because I had been ((shockkkk)) box dying my hair for about a year due to some unfortunate events. She takes great care of my hair, and has always been honest with me about what I need to look fresh and gorgeous. She’s been working with me for a few months to get my game strong for my wedding and it looked perfect in the pictures. Thanks for everything Stephanie! I’m including photos so y’all can see my hair in different lights and situations. The color is so rich and beautiful on all lights. Excuse the dumb face I’m making in the one with the green shirt. My aunt asked what our color the girls were wearing to our wedding lol

Robert W.
I searched salon pictures in the area looking for a place that does good makeup because I wanted my wedding makeup to look better than when I do it myself. I mainly wanted my brows to be done professionally. I had my makeup done one other time for a wedding and it was not good. The place was very reputable, too. I ended up having to redo it myself and was pissed I paid for it. Therefore, I was extremely nervous about paying to have my makeup done for my wedding.
I chose this place because it was the best I could find and it is a spa and more expensive so I assumed these people were some of the best in the Peoria area and that I would get what I wanted if I paid top dollar for it. Ha.
So this is what I paid for…
(1)my hair updo and airbrush foundation, regular eye makeup and lashes.
This was $75, $80, $30.
Also paid $65 each to have my 3 younger daughters’ hairs done because they wanted the popular braids that are fluffy and pancaked out. (I also wanted one of these braids, but we will get to that..)
Paid $80 + $30 for my older daughter to get airbrush foundation, regular eyes, and lashes. She just wanted her hair flat irons and volumized but they charged me $55 for that and I said no way so she did it herself.
My sister also did the same as me, updo airbrush and false lashes $65, $80, $30.
Stay with me!…
$25 for each person to travel to the venue (3 people, about 5 miles from salon)=$75
Gratuity included in price, can’t remember if it was 20% or what.
Total for all this was just under $1000.
Now, you would think we all looked like models, right?!
So my makeup took like 3 hours because I told this girl what I wanted her to adjust and fix throughout the process. She redid my eyes and added and removed….it was a long process and in the end I was pleased and looked beautiful. The brows looked good but I honestly could have done them the same if not better. My eyes were killer after she listened to what I liked and disliked as we went along. After all, she doesn’t know what looks good on your face, she just does makeup. It’s you who knows what looks good on your eye shape and etc.
I knew I don’t look good in metallics so she had to redo my color because that’s what she chose and I didn’t tell her not to use metallics. I asked her to contour my nose but it looked awful so I had her fix it to original. I basically was a pain in her butt and my sister was joking that I was a bridezilla. I’m the end I looked great because she listened to what I wanted. My daughter did the same and she looked killer. My sister looked good too but she isn’t as picky.
Girl even had to push back another scheduled appointment I found out because she spent too long on me. She was great and I highly recommend her. I think her name was Riley or something similar.
2 hair people aren’t even worth my review time. They are awful and should not be doing wedding updos. They did not know how to do the popular chunky braids which is what I wanted for all of our hairdos. I literally paid $65 for hair that I could have done myself. My little girls had fun in the end so I can’t say i regret it, but I can’t convey my displeasure with the one lady sent to do my hair. The other guy was nice but said he never heard of the term “pancaking” for braids. I made him redo my one daughters updo 3 times because it looked horrendous. Other daughter got a bun and it was just okay. Third daughter had the lady curl her hair and the curls fell out right away and for it recurred and they fell out  again before the ceremony.
This lady goes to do my sisters hair and omg it was so ugly that my sister looks at me and said what do you think, knowing that she hates it but is too nice and I would be honest, and I said ew it does not look good like that. I basically worked with her and told her what pieces of hair to put up and in the end my sister looked pretty and she likes it.
This same girl, who was a complete you know what, tells me she can’t do the braid I want but proceeds to try…I tell her she should tease my hair to get it chunky and she goes, yeah you’re right…continues to completely botch it so I finally go, let’s just leave my hair down, if you can just curl it please.
Omg, I was just over it at that point. My hair looked fuzzy and flat for my pictures and the moments right before my ceremony, we had time to go back to the bridal room and my sister fixed my fuzziness the best she could and gave me some volume on top. Keep in mind they charged me for an updo AND they charge more for the bride for some odd reason. $75 for a headache, professional pictures I don’t like because my hair looks bad, and basically for nothing. I called and they came me $20 back but I still had to paid for a “bridal style”. Place is a joke and I regret using them.