Brow Art 23 -Salon in Las Cruces, New Mexico

Store details– Brow Art 23 -Salon in Las Cruces, New Mexico is one of the best salons of eyebrow threading and other facial, hair needs.

salonandspareview rating – 3.63

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Google rating for this salon  – 3.8 on 19 reviews

Yelp rating for this salon – 2 on 2 reviews

City/ State – Las Cruces, New Mexico

Salon address– 700 S Telshor Blvd, Las Cruces, NM 88011, United States

Phone number– +1 575-522-6565


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10:00 AM – 9:00 PM
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Handpicked Google reviews for Brow Art 23

Pamela Woods
Omgeeee awesome girl name DANILLE did my eyebrow perfect I always come to her I travel a hour away for her to them and I did my first slits and it came out awesome I highly recommend her

Cleide Blackwell
Went yesterday to this place after a long time growing my eyebrows to give them a good shape, a customer was on the chair for about 15 min in front of me and the girl threading (DANIELLE) never acknowledged my presence that should have been my first clue. When my time comes she invites me in and asks me to sit on the chair without disinfecting if! she proceeded to thread and I felt she was grabbing a lot of hair and it hurt! She took about 5 minutes do my eyebrows and what an unpleasant surprise when I saw my right one was almost cut in half (the tail is missing) and the right one is a little bit longer but the tail was cut off as well so now I look like I have half eyebrows!!! What a shame!!! She obviously didn’t know what she was doing and now I need to suffer the consequences. To top everything off when checking me out she answered her phone and started talking to someone instead of waiting to finish the transaction. I WILL NEVER GO BACK AGAIN!!! VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE AND PROFESSIONALISM! Screen and put to the test your professional skills before putting us customers to be their guinea pigs!!!

Amy Raines-Baxter
Cut me under my right eye twice and shaved a half-inch off that right eyebrow as well. It hurts to blink and I’m being made fun of until I can buy pomade to fill it in this was just awful I wish I could post a picture of it

My eyebrows look like Frida Kahlo because the last time I went here it looked like I was cut by a razor at least 7 times under each eyebrow. I reluctantly returned today and the girl was on her phone. She said “I’m on a break” so I asked “how long are you on break” with her phone still on her ear she said “30 minutes”. NEVER AGAIN!!!! Threading Now is all I will ever do.

Handpicked Yelp reviews for Brow Art 23

Diane N.
I just came from California for school here in Las Cruces. I looked up on yelp to see where I can go to get my eyebrows threaded and there isn’t anywhere with reviews around here.

So I was walking by BrowArt23 in Mesilla Mall. My eyebrows were messed up from the last time I got them done in California. (Lesson learned people, NEVER GO CHEAP on your facial hair!). Well here isn’t really cheap compared to California, but that’s understandable because there’s not much competition around here.

I came up to the lady working at this threading station and lifted up my bangs for her to see my brows. I asked if she can fix them or not and she motions me over to take a seat. She says she will try, and I got frightened because I finally grew out my brows and I have a wedding to attend in about a month and a half. I can’t risk getting them messed up again, I’d rather just pluck it myself and deal with the pain and inconvenience to get it nicely shaped.

It seems as though she doesn’t really ask you how you want your brows or what are your needs and concerns (so used to that in California as well). So I rushed to tell her I hate arches and points. I’d like them straight and even out. Slightly thick to thin, not too thin.

Well she definitely took her time (it’s nice when there’s no one waiting), and she meticulously cut and shaped my left brow first. I really loved it, but then the real trouble was my right brow. My right brow is slightly higher than my left and I wanted to know if she could even them both out.

I guess she really did try, and then she showed me how to fill in my right brow and sold me a powder to use on my right brow. The powder was $17! But it’s convenient, and I rarely go out to shop for anything so I thought I might as well give her product a try.

Threading brow was $12 (I’m so used to the $7 in California) =/ So total came out to be $29. Luckily no tax here!

That’s my background info.

3 stars for customer service since I didn’t really feel that welcoming vibe (I literally stood there checking out her tiny booklet of pricing for at least five minutes before she finished a customer’s brows, the girl’s transaction, and then finally motion me to her chair) or establishing a connection for future returns.

3 stars for her work because in the end my eyebrows turned out to be what I was afraid of…one is thinner than the other side and the other side is higher….sigh.

3 stars for pricing (full face is $12 – eyebrows, $8+ – upper lip, $8+ – chin, $8+ – Neck, $20+ – partial face (sides only), and $38+ – entire face….again, I’m really used to it being cheaper in California and if they charge $11 for eyebrows then you’re most likely to be satisfied.

Would I come back here? Probably not…
If anyone knows of a better place, please let me know! I don’t mind driving an hour for it too if the place is of better quality!