Perfect Brows NYC -Salon in Newyork city

Perfect Brows NYC -Salon in Newyork city
Perfect Brows NYC -Salon in Newyork city

Perfect Brows NYC located in Newyork city is one of the best salons to go to for eyebrow threading, skincare, and other hair removal services.

It has 4 stars based on 50 reviews

The salon address can be located at 240 7th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11215
The website link is Perfect Brows NYC

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Can be reached at (718) 768-4050 – Please call for appointments here

Salon Business hours
Monday : 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Tuesday : 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Thursday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Friday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Saturday : 10:00 AM – 7:30 PM
Sunday: 10 AM to 7 PM

They accept credit cards.

Hand picked the best reviews for you

Gail – 5 stars

I was searching out of desperation since my last experience was horrible. I wanted to go to Unique Threading in Manhattan to see Sona but I did not have that much time so after much consideration, I wanted to try Perfect Brows.

It was semi-empty when I walked in but the place was extremely clean. I asked for Fnu and was told she wasn’t there. I was also informed she may be on maternity leave but I couldn’t confirm that information.

So I was left to be a guinea pig as I allowed Jilba to do my eyebrows. She greeted me with a nod and a smile. Didn’t say too much. Actually, she didn’t say anything at all. I feel bad for saying this but my expectations were kinda low at first. Not because she couldn’t do a good job but I just I wanted my brows to be done a certain way (leaving some thickness, symmetry, etc). All she did was confirm my request with a nod.

But I was very pleased with the results! Jilbab did listen to me and really did an amazing job. I love the shape of my brows. I would go back to her in the future.

The only “eeeeeeeeh” moment was when I inquired about getting eyelash extensions and I had questions but I don’t think the questions were understood so I decided to not get them. But I would definitely go back to Jilba specifically for brows. I just hope she doesn’t leave and go somewhere else, lol.

It’s hard these days finding a good eyebrow tech. When you find them, you don’t want to let them go.

Elyse- 1 star

Been going to this place for years. I miss Kay and also sumi. I went on my Birthday and Jenna did my eyebrows perfectly!!! I asked for an angled arch and she delivered. It takes me 3 months to fully grow out my eyebrows. Took a chance today. Big mistake. I don’t know who the lady was. But my eyebrows look awful. I asked for an angled arch. She made one eyebrow at an angle and rounded out the other eyebrow. I was not happy. She’s horrible. I’m sorry. Once I get the name I will post it. Not only that. She didn’t even try to wipe off the hair on my face or put any aloe on my eyebrows. I will never go back

Johanna- 1 star

Horrible. I went in for eyelash lift, tint, and eyebrow tint.

The eyebrow tint looked ok but faded quickly. The eyelash lift was extremely painful. The lash tech couldn’t get the perm off my eyelash without the chemical getting into my eye. She used water to try to get it off at the end when she noticed my discomfort. You’re not supposed to wet hair 24 hours after a perm job. To make matters worse only my left eyelashes were lifted. When I asked her why she said they would lift when they dried but they never did. I’ve been having to use an eyelash curler on one side. I suspect this happened because she used water to get the perm off. As for the eyelash tint, it was as if she didn’t even do that part.

I can’t speak for their other services but save your money if you’re thinking of getting any eyelash-related treatments.

Jenn- 4 stars

This is my first eyebrow threading place since pre-covid so I decided to give this place a try after finding them on Groupon. It’s in a great location in Park Slope right across from Millennium High School. At first, I was there for only eyebrow threading but I saw a good deal on Groupon for eyebrow threading and tinting so I purchased it on the spot while I was waiting. When it was my turn after a 15-20 minute wait, I presented my Groupon and explained I was there for threading and tinting but I was told not to purchase the Groupon next time and they would honor the same price. I was a bit confused as to why they would advertise on Groupon but tell their customers not to purchase the Groupon as this was mentioned in a previous review. In fact, I don’t think my eyebrows were done that great to give them a 2nd try and I’m not sure if it was because I purchased the Groupon…. and the threading strings were all over the counter and my seat had something wet before I sat down on it and I wasn’t sure if this was hand sanitizer but it freaked me out a bit with everything going on codewise.

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